Biography -biografia

Francesca Moore was born in Italy.

Still very young she showed very deep artistic interest

accompanied by great talent.

Silvia Kusada on her twenties

has worked for several magazine

as an illustrator and cartoonist.

After achieving a post graduate degree in fine arts,

in her early 90′s she moved to the US where

she met a very well-known art collector.

She worked with him in Pasadena, California

and learned the techniques related to the restauration of oils

and african-precolombian pieces.

 She has won important prizes for her art while,

at the same time, been the publisher of one

of the most popular Italian magazine in the US;

Non Solo Pasta magazine”,

magazine that she sold in the mid 90′s.

Francesca Moore took part in several personal and collective art exhibitions in Italy and the US.

 One of her Maya series painting

is today part of the private art collection

at the Mexican Embassy in Los Angeles.

She is considered one of the most intense

portraits makers of this time,

thanks to her ability to capture the feelings,

the personality and the vibrations

of the subject well behind his lines and appearance.

Her works are exhibited

and collected world-wide.


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