– The Black period of ‘king’ William Moore (2012-2015)

– The Black period of ‘king’ William J.Moore (2012-2015)

NOTE: William took real pride on being a fine man of ethic and integrity to the eyes of the world, “There is nothing about me on the web he said.”

Instead, he told me: “Look what people say about you?”

He was building up a scenario where he would have been able to leave safely,

after having ruined my reputation.


I have nothing but love for this sick being.

This post is to warn his future victims as I wish someone would have warn me.

Psychological violence and abuses cannot be easily demonstrated or proof

and too many times they go unpunished by the law,

although they cause many victims and deep long-lasting wounds.


This is the story of a man who can get inside your body, your mind and your soul,

and just like a drug it takes all of you and slowing destroying you

leave nothing for yourself.


When he has gotten everything, he leaves like you never existed.

As drugs do, you will go through a severe withdrawal symptom…

the dreadful feeling of death.

But it is only when the deadly poison leaves you body

you realize that by leaving you he gave you back life.


Most, like William do put you aside, while keeping you on the leash, till they have found their next victim.

CMSG William Moore

THE RED PERIOD of “KING” WILLIAM MOORE He knew very well he was hurting me, he was making my life impossible, I was the target of his anger. He repeatedly stubbed me on my back many times, and than, when the blood was too much, he shattered the door on me so he did not have to see it. In their carefully hidden, private, secret world, people have no clue of what they are capable of.

… Their new love, soul mate..  they starting anew.

They block their past, their view to the blood they have spread all over.

And if you make the mistake to direct their attention to that horror,

to destroy their play,  illusion of “true love’

you are now going to become the target of their madness.


E_MAILS:… MOORE, WILLIAM J CMSgt USAF AETC 802 CONS/CEM <william.moore.8@us.af.mil> Attachments12/5/12 to me To my beautiful soul mate, You are the most amazing woman in the world. You make my heart sing, you warm my soul and you bring chills to my spine. Whether I have a good night sleep, or no sleep at all or even in pain, it brings me joy to wake up next to you, look into your mesmerizing eyes and feel your beautiful skin. I can’t stop thinking about you when we are apart. I am lost without you. I love you with every ounce of my being. You complete me.”



.He denied his love, he denied he ever loved me. He told me he did not even know what “The notebook” was; our favorite movie.


E-MAIL from MOORE, WILLIAM J CMSgt USAF AETC 802 CONS/CEM 8/22/12 “I trust you 100%… Thank you for sharing honey I really appreciate it. I won’t assume anything u… Why did it take us so long to find each other? “.-..”William ask me to cancel my past, my friends, my work. “We are all that matters- he said – we are priority and the only one who count from now on. We are one. What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. I cannot live without you because you are me and me you.” -He made sure HE was the only thing that did matter to me, he got my soul, my body and ll the rest. He made sure every second I was looking at him and only him. Than one day a terrible blow, somebody suddenly slapped me so hard on my face I almost passed out. I looked, it was him; William, my soul mate, my own self. “Why are you looking at me?,- he said” – Stop! you are annoying me!” … Certe persone vogliono che guardi solo loro. Ti tolgono tutto e tutti e poi un giorno ti arriva una sberla cosi forte che ti tramortisce. E sono loro che ti dicono”Smettila di guardarmi, mi dai fastidio.!”


He made sure HE was the only thing that did matter to me, he punished me for saying,m’me’ instead of  ‘us’, ‘mine’ instead of ‘ours’.
He made sure every second I was looking at him and only him.
Than one day a terrible blow, somebody suddenly slapped me so hard on my face I almost fainted.
I looked. It was him; William, my soul mate, my own self.
“Why are you looking at me?,- he shouted in anger – Stop looking at me! you are annoying me! Leave me alone.”

E-mail: MOORE, WILLIAM J CMSgt USAF AETC 802 CONS/CEM8/22/12 <william.moore.8@us.af.mil>

You are my paradise!



“I was trying to solve a problem when I married you- he said cold blooded, -I don’t love you.”-


In the name of love, he asked me to give up my son, my cat, my best friends….. to be one with him, nothing else should have existed.

On mother day 2013 he took me out for sushi. He did not like or wanted my son but I ask him if for this occasion he could come along.

He ordered the cheapest food and in a bar, after his second beer, he got up in the middle of the place and shouted:


That was William’s mother day present to me.

William would punish me with ager and rejection every time I will pay attention to my son or my cat.

He took pleasure in letting me know how much he would have love to kick my cat (he call him varmint) out of the balcony.

He told me that if it was true he was my priority as I promised him to be,

I would get rid of both my son and my cat.

They were the only 2 things left very dear to me.


…’He told me we should have been each other priority: “I do not care if my son dies, -he said-, but you, if anything happens to you I will go insane.” . A year later, after many abuses I did ask him; “How can you do these things to someone you love?” His answer was: “I do not love you. I cannot live without my son, but you? Yes, I can live very well without you!”  He told me I was selfish because I was crying, and by crying I was making him feel bad.

E-MAIL: williammoore1717 <williammoore1717 9/12/14

 to me
Thank you for loving me.   I love you more than realize.”
William did ask me to come back on September 2014.
I went to see him, but I couldn’t stay…
I knew by now he couldn’t be trusted.
The pain in my heart was too strong.
He expected me to forget about everything and play along till he got tired again.
In my heart I knew it wasn’t me he wanted.
He was feeling alone and I was his safest choice
But me or another would have been the same.
I ended up in a mental clinic such it was my pain.
After a month from confessing his love to me
he was already with someone else, in love.
By than, I was in deep depression since over a year…
When I left he told me he would come to me as he did love me…
he never did.
He did not even bother to tell me he was already in love with someone else.
Me, I was in his trash again.
Once more, he denied he ever loved me.
He just wanted me out so he could be in love again with his new soul mate.
Some people should be forbitten to use the words love, integrity and truth.

Some people should be forbitten to use the words love, integrity and truth.

When he met me in 2012, he changed his password with “new life 17″; the day we became a couple (3 days after we met).
I wonder which date he uses now on his new passwords. What his new, new life is.
In all this story William is just a sick average human
who is uncapable of true love.
But me… I made the biggest mistake.
I trusted him with all my heart and I closed my eyes to truth.
Willian is beyond lying.
He lies to himself, he changes his past and present to suit his fancy,
so he has nothing to be sorry about.
He told me few times: “Women love me because I treat them well, he also added: “Many women has suffered because of me.”
His new love might last a bit longer, William has a reputation to defend,
to himself and to others,
but nevertheless her life will be less painful than anyone of us.
His ex wives’ and women he abused know what I’m talking about.
Except the one who died, may be, the only one whose wounds have been finally healed by the gift of death.
... "

“… “William says he had done a lot for me. The truth is, he has done it to himself, to feel good about himself , to peace his sense of guilt. He denied me the very things that did matter to me; loyalty, truth and care…. He knew he was hurting me yet, he choose to lie and purposely ignoring me. He left me many, many days in the dark.. “He called me selfish when I reminded of this pain, he thought it was evil of me to ruin his happiness. I was to be and remain in his past, where I belonged, down at the bottom of his forgotten trash.”


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